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This is the face of cruelty to animals.  Bella wandered into my yard during the summer of 2008, nothing but a skeleton with a little skin stretched over her. It appeared she had recently had puppies taken away from her, possibly she had escaped her cruel owners looking for her babies.
Bella was the second emaciated pit bull to wander into my yard, but the only one who would let me help her. The first one ran away from me, terrified.
Bella didn't even know what dog food was....
I have a VERY GOOD idea who did this to her. If I could prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, they would spend a little time in jail thinking about what they did.
 Anyway, I took her where no on e would ever hurt her again, where she was given the best medical attention money could buy, she had toys for the first time, and she had somebody to love her for the first time. Bella was truly an angel, who lived most of her life in utterly miserable circumstances.   The vet who spayed who estimated that she was about 2  years old, and had already had 4 or 5 litters of puppies.
Bella died tragically, only months after being rescued.
She will always be loved and missed greatly.
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